STL Contacts 3.1

Version 3.1 of the full version was released today. Normally the free version is released at the same time, but we had to delay the free one by about a week to fix some additional bugs.

Till now, the free version was limited by tutorial popups in every screen that couldn't be turned off. The new free version is ad supported, which should hopefully make it much more usable than the previous version.

I've received some reports that ads are showing up in the full version. If this is the case for you, please go to the settings page and turn them off. The reason they are there in the full version is because it is essentially the same version as the free version, just with the ability to turn the ads off. This ability can be purchased separately in the free version.

On now to the main features of this latest version:

General Updates:
- New Reports feature in Settings / General lets you email reports of
all your history and data from the app
- Fixed bug where contacts couldn't be added to a group from their profile page.
- Notes now show time stamp of last edit

Add-On updates:
- Fixed bugs affecting certain users where app crashed on startup or
during Facebook sync
- Facebook status page now lists statuses in order and with time stamp
- Audio attachments now play from device speaker
- 3rd party locations can now be added to events
- You can now choose event calendar

The Reports feature has been requested for quite some time, so hopefully this will make the app much more useful to many of you, as you now have the ability to do something with all the notes and data you have been taking on the app.

Please continue sending me your bug reports and feature requests as we have several more updates planned.


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