Sync Your iPhone Contacts with Google Gmail

Did you know you can automatically backup your iPhone contacts using Google's Gmail service? Follow the instructions here:

Once setup, a new contacts link will be added to your Gmail left sidebar, where you can view all your contacts and make changes. Any changes you made will be immediately updated to your iPhone. Similarly, any changes made to contacts on your iPhone will be immediately reflected in your Gmail list. Very cool!

Note 1: Although our STL Contacts app saves changes made in the app to your iPhone address book, it only imports contacts from your address book during the initial launch of the app. So if you make a change to your contacts from GMail then go into our app, the changes won't be reflected in our app unless you close it and restart it again. However changes you make from our app should immediately show on Gmail.

Note 2: Your contact group information is not saved in Gmail this way. However it does show in the iPhone address book.

Feel free to send me any questions you have about this, or any related subject.

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