STL Update

Ok from now on, I will update the status of our contacts program here, since we have big plans for this one.

July 3: Version 2.0 was submitted just over a week ago and is currently under review by Apple. It features the following updates:

- New graphic set
- Now works on iOS 4.0
- Fixed several stability issues
- Auto saves dialed contacts
- Added sound recordings and additional photos to a contact (requires additional in-app purchase)
- Added ability to share contacts via email using VCards

Version 2.1 is already ready for submission. We are just waiting for 2.0 to be approved. There is a chance 2.0 may be rejected because it wasn't compiled under the new 4.0 SDK. In that case 2.1 will fix this issue. Here are the updates you will see in 2.1:

- Multitasking support in iOS4.0. This is VERY slick, because it means you can preload all your contact images and quick access buttons ONCE, and have them instantly accessible all the time.
- Updated app icon
- Minor graphic tweaks
- Minor stability fixes

Next week we will be working on 2.2 which will have the following features:

- In app SMS, so you don't have to exit the app when sending an SMS message
- Group SMS (right now this feature only works on Skype)
- We have some other new features planned, but they are still in the concept stage. I will announce them when ready.

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