STL Graphic Redesign

Over the last couple of days, I've received mixed feedback from many users on the new app redesign, so I thought I would explain the reasoning behind this new design:

1. New tab colors: One of the most requested features was for additional tab colors - the new version increases the tab color options from 7 to 12.

2. Tab screen colors: In the previous version, clicking on a colored tab changed the entire screen to that color. The problem was that text was sometimes hard to read, especially the index (ABC) strip that runs across the right side of the page. In the new version, only the tab edge changes colors - the rest of the screen keeps the same color, allowing the text to stand out more.

3. Redesigned quick access buttons: In the previous version, only the relevant quick access buttons (Call, SMS, Map and Email) for each contact were loaded. The result was different sized quick access buttons under each contact. In the new version, all 4 quick access buttons are shown for all contacts, however relevant ones are highlighted while non applicable ones are ghosted. This creates are more uniform look.

4. Profile screen: The previous version had 8 large buttons, that have now been replaced with 10 small tabs running down the left side. This creates a more consistent look with the main screen, while also allowing more space for information to be displayed on the right side, as well as giving me the ability to add more tabs to the left in the future. As an example, a "Personal Info" tab has been added, along with giving "Notes" its own tab, where previously it was grouped with "Attachments".

I hope you'll find the new look to be an improvement. I have a LOT of updates planned in the future, so stay tuned. As always, keep sending me whatever feedback you have about the current version, as well as any suggestions you have for future versions.

If you haven't already, please submit a review on iTunes, as current sales pays for future updates!

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