STL Contacts Manager

I am happy to announce that our latest app is now available for sale. It lets you manage your contacts. You can see details about it on the front page.

This has been by far our biggest project to date. It has involved redesigning the contact managing software from the ground up. However I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

We plan to actively update this app with your feedback, so please send in your comments below.

Is it include IOS4 Support ?

It crashes after upgraded 'IOS4'. I hope you could solve this problem also. :)

Re: Is it include IOS4 Support?

Thanks - we will be adding iOS4 in the new 2.0 release. We hope to submit it later this week or next. Thanks for your patience!

Company Tab

I have this program running on my iTouch and all seems fine except for the Company Tab. In my contacts I have over 100 companies listed under peoples details but when I look in the Company tab only 17 companies are listed.

Re: Company Tab

Hi Rick,

The company tab shows contacts who have NO first or last name, but have a company name. It is meant to distinguish between companies and people. If there is a first name and last name in the contact, then we assume it's a person and the company name is just where he works at. If only the company field is filled with no first or last name, then we assume this is NOT a person.

Feature Request

Great App, just a couple request...

1. It would be nice to pick the group you want to open every time, like Favorite instead of Most Called

2. Allow manual sort on the list instead of Alphabetical. Would be nice for my favorites.

Again great app, thank you...

Re: Feature Request

Thanks Andy - I'll need to look into the feasibility. We have to strike a balance between adding too many features while keeping it simple. The launch into specific group should be possible for a future update.

Adding/Editing phone numbers

I have noticed that when adding or editing phone numbers the keypad does not allow for a delimiter character like a period or a dash. I know they are not necessary for the number, but it makes it much more readable. Could this be added to allow the standard symbols that are used when writing phone numbers.
Examples would be:


Re: Adding/Editing phone numbers

Thanks Aaron - I'll look into this possibility. We may be limited by Apple for some reason, but I'll need to do more research.

How can I do to see the

How can I do to see the birthdays label ???


Add a filter using the + sign. Put a checkmark next to "Birthdays" and select "Done". You should now have a new filter tab called Birthdays created.

stl contact manager 1.2

I try deleted group , but the app crash. I try Preloading the Setting to set the appl back to it original status but does not work. Not happy. My iphone is 3gs

Re: stl contact manager 1.2

Please delete the app from your iPhone and reinstall it again. If that doesn't help that email us directly.

delete group

i try deleted group , but the app crash . dont deleted
my iphone is 3g s 3.1.3

I wanna delete some group,

I wanna delete some group, but I can't. Plz let me know how to delete group from my iPhone. Thanks

Re: I wanna delete some group

Hi Jay,

Hold your finger down on the group tab name. A pop-up screen will show up, giving you the option to delete the group.

Re: delete group

Please send me an email, and I can work out the issue with you.

Supporting For Chinese Name

I bought this software & I like it. If it could support the Chinese word as sorting the name, that will be better....More & more Chinese people wl buy & like it.....

Re: Supporting For Chinese Name

Hi Romeo,

The latest version (1.1) has support for sorting contacts by non English characters. Let me know if you are looking for something beyond this.

Smart Filter is not working in Group under Chinese Name

The Latest version (1.1), has only support sorring in Chinese in "ALL" page, but not working in group(ex: Friend ).

Filter will be set as "#" and only one contact will be shown, althouth it show the quantity in this group is more than one contact.

Confirm to call

When you select a default phone number to call a contact it asks if you want to call that number every time you try to call them. Is there a way to turn that off?

Re: Confirm to call

That extra pop-up is related to how Apple handles calls made out of our app. I will do some research on whether it is possible to remove it in future builds.

Please continue to send me feedback like this on what you like and don't like.

I just bought it but iTunes

I just bought it but iTunes tell me this app can't use on iPod Touch....

I hope this app can use on iPod Touch, Thanks!
(or u should tell the user that this app only can use on iPhone before they bought it)

(my iPod Touch is OS 3.1.2)

Re: I just bought it but iTunes

Don't worry, we will make an iPod Touch version in the future, when we add more non-calling features. You will then be able to use it with an update.

Backup Data


Thanks for a great app, I am starting to build some good networks between contacts and lots of groups etc, how do I recover this if my phone is stolen or lost, yes I can reload the app but what about the data

Thanks in advance

Re: Backup Data

Hi Dean,

Your apps and data are automatically backed up to iTunes when you sync your iPhone and your computer, so it is possible to transfer both apps and data to a new phone this way.

We may introduce a direct method to import / export data from the app in the future, if there is demand for it.


Can the groups synch with outlook contacts? Any plan to synch in the future? Looks like a great ap, would like to do all the editing on my pc

Re: Syncing with Outlook

Hi Tom,

We haven't added this feature directly to our app, since it is already possible to do so via iTunes as follows:

1. Plug your iPhone to your computer.
2. Open iTunes on your computer.
3. Click on your iPhone name in the middle of the left sidebar.
4. Click on the Info tab from the choices on top.
5. In the Contacts section, you should see the option to "Sync contacts with:" along with a drop down box, one of which should be Outlook.

If there is something more that you would like to do, that isn't possible this way, please let me know and I can consider adding support for it.

Group Sync

When you tag some contact to one of the group (in STL) when you sync with outlook (with the "sync contacts with: group name " tick, after sync, I am unable to find the contact where I tick in the STL group.
This happen to most of the contact manager when you create a group and whoever you put them into the group, after sync with outlook, those name were gone in outlook address book.
Group is very good feature, but if I can't find names in outlook address , then I think most of the users will not use the group function.

Re: Group Sync

Our app saves the group information for a contact in the same place that the iPhone wants us to store this information. This means that groups created in our app should be viewable in the standard iPhone contacts app as well as other contact manager apps.

If it is not displaying properly in Outlook, then this may mean that where Apple places the group information is different from where Outlook is looking for it.

Sync with Facebook

I don't see the option to sync with Facebook. Can you please advise how to do this and what information is synced?

Also i don't see a way to set the ringtone for a contact. Am I just overlooking it?


Re: Sync with Facebook

Hi Aaron,

The syncing is done from the latest version of the Facebook for iPhone app (free). Click on the "Friends" option and then choose the "sync" button on the top right.

This will sync the contacts in your address book with their Facebook profile pictures. When you now open our app, you will see these new pictures in their profile.

Another app you can try is MyPhone+ ($2.99) which pulls in contact information (birthday, company, job title and address) from your contact's Facebook profile and saves it in your address book. This information will then be available for use in our app, giving you more options when using our Filter command.

It is possible that we can incorporate some of these syncing options directly in our app in the future, if there is demand for it.

Regarding ringtones, Apple currently doesn't give us a way to manage ring tones from within external apps. If this ability is added in the future, we can add it to our app.

how do i forward a comtact

how do i forward a comtact with their details to another phone or person.?

Re: how do i forward a comtact

For now, you have to do that from the standard iPhone contacts app. At the bottom of the contact details screen, you will see the option to email or SMS contact details to someone else. As long as the receiving user opens it up in their iPhone, they will be able to copy the contact into their phone.

We will be looking at adding a similar feature to our app in the future. Apple doesn't let us do it the same way, so we need to come up with our own way. :-)


I think this app is great, would love be able to group sms but I guess Apple will have to address that one.

I am not sure how the filters work , I am trying to create some groups based on the company name. I can add a filter and then select a company name, then press done, but ntohting seems to appear , where are filters suposed to appear once they have been added ?


Re: Filters

Yes we can put group SMS if Apple gives us that ability in the future.

The filter should appear as a new tab at the bottom of the tab list on the left, once created. You can then reposition it and change its color from the tab settings, like any other tab.

Request for future features

Hi, thank you for this awesome app !!!

I'm going to ask you if it will be possible to implement some new features.

I would like to be able to send the same SMS to all the contacts of a group.
Also I would like to be able to choose, for each contact, the phone number to send the message to: if a contact have more than one phone number I would like to be able to choose one or more than one number.

I would also ask you if it is possible to make the same feature for the e-mail: I would like to be able to send a mail to a group choosing the mail I want (if a contact have more than one). If I'm not wrong, now, sending a mail to a group will send to all the addresses of all the contacts in the selected group.

Sorry for my english but I hope I was clear enough !!!


Re: Request for future features

Thank you for your suggestions. Mass SMS is not currently supported by the iPhone so we have no way of implementing it. If Apple gives us this feature, then we definitely can.

The email one is possible though, so let me look into it.

Keep sending me your ideas!

Group SMS

Could I suggest that your app handle the group SMS as many single SMS? Let the app Send the same SMS individually to everyone in the group. Technically we are not spamming people since most of us have got contacts that are known to us and they know us.

Re: Group SMS

I have a different solution for Group SMS in the next version (1.2) using Skype. Let's see if this works for people or not.

Crash every time

Doesn't work since install. Crash every time when loading contact data. Does this app support Chinese character?

Re: Crashing

I have sent you an email to do some testing. If we find the problem, we can fix it.

Deleting an unneeded group


I've created a group that I no longer need.
It's empty now, with no contacts in it and I can hide it, but I'd like to make it just go away.

How do I do that? There doesn't seem to be any option to delete (or even rename).


Re: Deleting an unneeded group

Hi Heather,

Hold your finger down on the group name and a popup window will appear, allowing you to edit, rename or delete the group. :-)

Add new filter

Quick launch time than others. I can send email to a group, I don't need to leave the application, it is very convenience. It is a good software. However, I can't create group for all friends under category "Friend-Apple" ,nickname is "Apple", last name is "Chan" or other fields. I can't assign defined ringtone for defined group. Can you help me to solve the above problem?

Add new filter

Thank you. Yes, we just have some basic filter options at the moment. More can be added later if there is demand for them.

Regarding ring tones, Apple currently doesn't give us the ability to assign ring tones to groups, which is why this feature is not there.

If you have any other feature requests, please let me know.

preeload contact option

Now it's not possible to preeload a contact (option) ?


preload contact option

We took it out, since people were confused by it, and it was slowing their app down. We will be adding more options in a future version, so we can put it back if people want it. :)

"so we can put it back if

"so we can put it back if people want it. :)"

It's possible ,please :)))


Preload options

We have put it back in the next version (1.03) that has been submitted to Apple. :-)

facilitate first time set up

Once a new group is created...say friends with color blue label, that same color blue ought to appear on the SMS "cloud" symbol, when a contact is selected to be added to the group friends.

May be the color of the background of the symbols for every contact(currently dark blue) can be changed to the group color!

When going over the "ALL" list of contacts, you can also see to which group a contact belongs.
I also sent an email with this suggestion.

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