STL Contacts Manager

I am happy to announce that our latest app is now available for sale. It lets you manage your contacts. You can see details about it on the front page.

This has been by far our biggest project to date. It has involved redesigning the contact managing software from the ground up. However I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

We plan to actively update this app with your feedback, so please send in your comments below.

Deletion of Contacts

I want to start again with a 'clean slate' how do I delete all contacts in this app?

Re: Deletion of Contacts

The Merge Duplicates add-on has a "Mass Delete" function. This still requires you to scroll down and check each contact one by one though, before pressing "Done" to delete all the selected contacts.

I just purchased the full

I just purchased the full version after trying the free one. I then purchased the Facebook add on, as well as location and now the app simply crashes. Have rebooted no end of times but to no avail. I wanted to purchase the other add ons too but am reluctant now. Is there a problem with this app?

iPad Crashes

I recently downloaded this app onto my iPad and as a free app it was working perfectly fine so I decided to pay for it to get rid of the ads; however, as soon as I paid for it, it started crashing. Is there some difference between the free app and the paid version that would make this happen?

Re: iPad Crashes

Hi there,

There is some issue with authenticating in-app purchases in the current. So the app may be crashing because it is not able to authenticate the purchase.

We are about to submit an update for this.

Sorry for the trouble!

App Crashes after installing the Facebook addin

Prior to installing the facebook addin, the app work perfectly. Once I installed the facebook addin, the app crashes as soon as I try to start it - is there a patch/upgrade for this?

I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app - same problem

iphone 5
iOS 6.0.2

Thanks in advance!

Re:App Crashes

Hi Steve,

We have an automatic bug report that is submitted to us each time the app crashes. We have noticed some new reports coming in with the latest version that we are looking into. We hope to release an update to fix some of these issues. Hopefully that will resolve the issue for you.

Keep sending me whatever feedback / issues you come across.



App crashes

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the reply and update. I noticed that i can get into the app after trying 2-3 times - when I go to the facebook tab, it says that its not installed - i try install again, and it hangs... nothing happens... I've let it sit in this state for up to 10 min with no change. Thanks again for the support - I still love the app!


Re: App crashes

Yes, there is something wrong with the in-app purchases in this version. Hope to get this all fixed in the next update. Thanks for your support!

App Crashes

Hi Adam,

I am not sure if this is related to the 'in-app purchases' but when I open the Contacts Manager, I am prompted for my iTunes password. Just a heads up! I look forward to the next update. Do you have any ETA for this? Thanks in advance! Steve

Re: App Crashes

I'm guessing there's some problem with authenticating your in-app purchase between my app and Apple, which is why it's asking for your iTunes password. I wanted to improve some other aspects of the app as well in the next update, but I may fast track this issue and submit and update for it yet. Hopefully will be able to do so by the end of this month.

I'll send you an email when we do!

app for Samsung galaxy

Is this app available on phones other than the iphone? I am looking to swap to another brand and want to export details with a minimum of fuss.


app for Samsung galaxy

At the moment the app is only available on the iPhone. Most of the user details are also saved in your iPhone address book, while app specific details (contact history) can be exported via the Reports function.

scedualed auto SMS & emails

I bought this because I need to manage my leads.
It showed where SMS could be scheduled. How do I get it to auto SMS or email a pre typed message at a certain time. If this program can't do this, I have just wasted my money on the program and add-ons

I need to have the same person under several tabs.

I have to have something now, simple and automated for client reminders and automated per-written emails.

How can I accomplish this?

Scheduled auto SMS and Emails

Hi Monte,

Unfortunately Apple won't let our app actually send the SMS and emails at a future time. So we can only provide you a reminder to do so.

The best we could do is let you fill out what you want sent in the future and then have you copy and paste it into the actual email / SMS when the reminder comes up - would that help?

It is possible to have the contact in multiple tabs. Go to the contact profile page, select the Group tab on the left, then select all the groups you would like them to be a part of.

Bulk delete?


I have the full version and wish to delete all contacts that have "facebook" in their details. I can search for the word facebook and make that list into a tab but cannot find a way to bulk delete those contacts.

Please advise.

Thank you.

Nick Andrews

Re: Bulk delete?

Hi Nick,

At the moment, with our bulk delete add-on, you have to manually check all the contacts you want to delete. I like your suggestion of integrating bulk delete with the filters. Let me see if I can get this feature out in a future version.


Thank you, Adam. Can you

Thank you, Adam.

Can you please tell me what the bulk delte add on is called as I cant seem to spot it in the add-on screen. All that i see there is:
facebook synch(sic)
merge duplicates
location features.

Thanks again,
nick a

Re: add-on

Hi Nick,

It's part of the "Merge duplicates" add-on - there is a "Mass Delete" option in there that lets you scroll through all your contacts and check the ones you want to delete.

Actually, here's what you can do:

1. Search for "Facebook", then click "Save to tab" in the top of the search results.
2. Go to Settings / Add Ons / Merge Duplicates (purchase this if you haven't already), then select "Mass Delete".
3. Click on the new Facebook search tab that was created in step 1.
4. Click through each contact in this tab, until all contacts have checkmarks next to them.
5. Click on Done, to get a confirmation of the contacts you want to delete.

Let me know if that helps.

thank you, that

thank you, that worked!



I just noticed your app. I haven't downloaded it yet, but did read the specs about your app. My question is: Does your app have the ability to manage TASKS?

Thank you..

Re: Tasks

Yes, you can do tasks that involve your contacts. There are 4 types - meeting, call, SMS or Email. After selecting a task (called event in the app), you select which contact(s) it applies to. It will then be saved in the history of that contact, while also appearing in the Events tab until it's complete.

You can try out this function for a few events for free in the free version of the app.


I installed the free version and it loaded all my 70+ contacts in duplicate.I store my contacts on my iPhone 4 and sync them with Google but have no duplicates on them! Is this a bug with the free version? PS. My dad has the paid for version and has not experienced any problems but I won't buy if this duplicate problem is not sorted.

Re: Duplicates

Hi Lisa,

My contacts app should be sharing the same contact list as your iPhone - so if there are duplicates in your address book, then they will also show up in my app. Are you saying the duplicates are showing in the app but NOT in your iPhone address book?

There is a 99 cent add-on for this app that lets you Merge duplicates, or bulk delete contacts, if that helps.


My dad found that it is because I had Exchange account ON for contacts. Apparently this causes the duplication. Problem seems to be solved,

Lost add-on

I purchased the merge add-on two ios upgrades ago and it has been deleted by the upgrade - how do I get it back without purchasing it again? thanks

Re: Lost add-on

Hi there. Not a problem. As long as you're using the same ID to purchase the add-on again, when you try to do so, iTunes will inform you that it has been purchased already, and then give you the option to download it for free.


I was looking through stls contact tabs I ended up on the face book tab and it froze cant do anything with it it says if I delete it to reload I will loose all info if this happens I will not be using it again is there a way round this

Hi, I'm using Firefox and

Hi, I'm using Firefox and for some reason the fonts on your site are gigantic. All the other sites I usually browse show up normally except yours.

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Re: Crashed

I think you will just need to restart the application, and you shouldn't lose anything. Do the following:

1. Close the application by clicking on the Home button.
2. Double click on the Home button to open the multitasking tray. A list of running apps should show on the bottom.
3. Hold down the STL Contacts icon on the bottom row.
4. Press the X button that appears to close the app.
5. Press the Home button to close the multitasking tray.
6. Open the STL Contacts app as normal.

You can try running the Facebook tab again and see if the problem still exists. If so, follow the above instructions again to reset it. Then please send me an email using the Contact Us button on this site.


This App will not start. It says loading contacts and then crashes. Either fix it or give me my five dollars back. Also the merge duplicates portion of the app will not even install. Fix it or give me my money back.


Hi Tony, I have sent you an email to get more details from you on what is causing these issues.

I'm in love...

It is so rare that I take time to leave comments, but I have to let you know that I love this app so far! I bought it (and all add ons) a couple of days ago and have been testing it since. I am the Director of Client Relations & Communications for a PEO, with clients nationwide. I have been working with my IT dept to create the mapping feature you have already created. Now I don't need them to create it because your app does this and MUCH more! "Nearby" is AWESOME not only for my dept, but for other depts within my company. If all continues to go well, I will be implementing this app companywide.

A few questions, comments and/or suggestions, most of us have iPhones, but a few have Droids and Blackberrys. Is this app available to them? Are there plans for a desktop version? In the same area as birthdays and recordings (which is awesome, as well), will you consider the ability to add customizable fields such a "Interests", "Spouses Name"? Also, if I'm really creating a "wish list", it would great if there were an area within the Event where a $ amt could be entered to track expenses/mileage associated with the contact.

The app does close out on me quite a bit, but I assume this is being worked on. Regardless, THANK YOU for creating this app, I LOVE IT!

Re: I'm in love

Thanks for taking the time to leave this comment (we would highly appreciate a review on iTunes too if possible!).

Spouse's name can be added in the network feature. Interests is planned for a future update, as is the expenses function.

We also plan an iPad and website version later on. At that point we can look at versions for other platforms.

Please continue sending us your feedback and feature requests as we have several updates planned for the future.

i can't use groups in my iphone(ios 4.2)

I excite to buy this app today, but it can't add contacts to group and sometime get crash.

my iphone was upgrade to ios 4.2 , does this cause all things wrong?

Re: iOS 4.2 Groups

Yes, there seems to be a bug with iOS 4.2. Your old groups will transfer, but if you make any changes they get wiped out. We will be fixing this in the next update.

lost the data in groups

I just got the iphone update on my 3g phone and when I went to my STL contacts noticed that 3 of my groups now have no contacts in them?
Please advise. Thank you.

Re: lost the data in groups

Yes, this seems to be an issue with the latest iPhone OS that affects all contact applications that have groups in them. Unfortunately you will need to recreate your groups. If you still experience problems after that, deleting the app and reinstalling it should fix the problem - although you will lose your contact history and settings in the process. Sorry about the trouble.

Crashes everytime

Just re-installed again on the IPhone 4, and it just crashes back to the main iphone screen. will not load at all.

Re: Crashes everytime

Please send me an email and I will try and work through the issue with you.

Ver 2.1 Not working

Removed app for Iphone v4 3GS. Removed from Itunes. (3 times). Instated Ver 2.1. When add tap. Save and done exits app without save.

Re: Ver 2.1 Not Working

Thank you for your comment. I am not able to replicate this issue on my side. Can you send me an email? I will then get you to try a few things.

Do all the other parts of the app work normally?

Contacts isn't working with iOS4.0

2 days ago a updated my iphone 3GS to iOS 4.0, since then, the Contacts-App doesn't work anymore.
When will it be compatible? Please, please soon.

Re: Contacts isn't working with iOS4.0

We submitted version 2.0 update with new graphics, features and iOS4.0 compatibility last Friday, so hopefully it will be approved for sale sometime this week.

We are now working on 2.1 which will have some more fixes, multitasking and some new iOS4.0 features. Hopefully that will be ready for submission as soon as 2.0 is out.

Any idea when the new app is

Any idea when the new app is going to be released?

Re: Any idea when the new app is

Any day now. It was submitted to Apple last week and is currently "in review". Assuming no complications it should be out at any time. There are a LOT of changes including new graphics, and it should be a lot more stable.

We are working on version 2.1 that will have multitasking, in-app SMS, group SMS etc. that we should be ready to submit later this week.

If there is any problem with version 2.0 and we have to resubmit it, then we will just resubmit it as 2.1 with the extra 4.0 features.

Thanks for your patience!

New Version

Hey, it's been a week since it was submitted, any idea on how much longer?

Re: New Version

It is still under review. 2.1 is ready for submission right after that, so hopefully updates can come out quicker from now on. I have posted a new blog entry where I will update the status of future versions, since we have BIG plans for this app. If you have any particular feature requests, you can post them there.

Thanks for your patience - it will be worth the wait though!

App crashes on startup

The app crashes when I start it. Starting it again works but it's very irritating. Suggestions?

Re: App crashes on startup

We are hoping to submit version 2.0 later this week, that should fix the crashing issues that many users have been experiencing. Much of the code had to be rewritten, which is why this update is taking so long.

Expect a much more stable release with a ton of bug fixes, new features and new graphics!

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