STL Contacts 3.3

The graphic redesign of the app is taking longer than we expected (but the wait will be worth it). So I've decided to release a couple of smaller updates in the meantime. The first one, now available, improves and expands upon the Facebook add-on. Loading of status updates is a lot quicker than before, and you can now reply and like status updates right from within this page.

Our next update will feature a few bug fixes that users have submitted. If you notice any crashes that happen each time you perform any actions, please let me know using the Contact Us form on this site.

Only contacts with telephone numbers

How how do I only show contacts with phone numbers and then also one with all e-mail addresses and remove duplicates?

Re: Only contacts with telephone numbers

Hi Marv,

These two filters are currently not possible in the app. I'll see if it's possible to get that into a future version.

To remove duplicates, we offer a separate add-on with this functionality in the Settings / Add-ons page.

Bad application

Today I decieded to buy your contact manager app from
Apple AppStore after searching an application that will provide me
Your app capabilities , after paying 4.99$$$ to AppStore
The was installed on my iPhone and I started using it
And then I found that all the add ons that I want to use are requesting
To pay "in app buying " I hpoe this is a bug after all it's functioning
The same as the free version
So why I need to pay????
I sent a report to apple and I wrote a bad Comment into the AppStore
Under your app

I'm very disappointed
Moshe hagshur

Re: Bad application

Hi Moshe,

I'm sorry for your bad experience. The idea is for you to try out the app for free (with ads at the bottom), then purchase the full version (without ads) if you're happy with it, so the two items are not the same.

Regarding the add-ons, they are for additional features that are not found in typical Contacts app such as events, locations, Facebook commenting, attachments, Merge / Mass delete. All the main contact functions are included in the main program.

The main philosophy behind this app is to combine features from several apps (Contact Manager, Events / task app, Location tracker, Facebook app, Merge / Mass delete) into a single app. Rather than increasing the price of the main app when adding new features, we have separated these features into separate purchases, so you only need to purchase the functions you will use.

We have several free updates planned over the next few months that we hope will add even more value to what is in the app already.

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