STL Contact Reports

The big feature in version 3.1 of this app is the Reports function, found in the Settings / General menu. This feature lets you choose a date range and an email address, and then emails you all the history you have had with your contacts in that time period, including all:

- Phone calls with duration
- SMS text message time stamps
- Email time stamps
- Locations visited (requires Location add-on)
- Notes added to any of the above events

This data is sorted by contact name. Future versions of this app will also let you sort all the data chronologically.

You can use the data in two ways:

1. Create a folder in your email program to automatically save reports in. You can then use the search function of your email program to find the data you want.

2. Import the data into a spreadsheet program using the included CSV attachment. You can then format and display the data as you see fit.

We hope you find this feature useful in its current form. If you have any suggestions to improve it further, please let me know.

Todo list synch

Got a Todo feature for Contact Manager? Is there a way to synch todo's with iMac Calendar?

Thanks, great app!

Re: Todo list synch

Yes, todos are handled by the Events tab, which is a separate add-on purchase. There are 4 types currently: Call, SMS, Email and Meeting. Choose the type and assign it to one or more contacts. You can then set your reminder and yes, this event can be synced with any calendars setup on your phone. You can try out this feature for 2 events.

Let me know if there are other features you would like to see that aren't there currently.

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