STL Bug Fixes

I'm happy to announce that in the previous version of STL (version 4.11), we added a bug tracking report generator. Anytime the app crashed on you, an email report was sent to us.

This has helped us out in a big way, as we were now able to find loads of bugs that we didn't know about. These could be related to contacts formatted in foreign languages and formats that we weren't familiar with, to location sensing problems in different countries that we obviously weren't able to test before.

The good news is that we have now submitted version 4.12 of STL Contacts which has fixed several of these bugs. Hopefully it should be showing up within this next week.

Getting these done also allows us to continue work on some really cool new features for upcoming versions, so stay tuned!

Re: App crashing when loading

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, there are definitely some issues with the latest version that we are trying to work through.

You'll be happy to know that we have installed an automatic bug tracker, that sends us a crash report any time the app crashes on a user's device. So each time it crashes on your device, you're actually helping us fix it.

We hope to issue a new update shortly to fix these issues. You're also right that it seems to be related to authenticating your previous purchases, so let's see what we can come up with.



App crashing when loading

Hi Adam!

I have to say that even though the STL Contacts Manager app crashes when loading it, I still love it.

So, when I Start the STL Contact Manager, two things happen:
1.) the app crashes 3-4 times before loading
2.) prompts me for my Apple ID Password everytime

Any ideas?

iPhone 5
iOS 6.1

Thanks in advance!

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