STL 4.0 Submitted

Phew! It's taken time, but I've finally submitted version 4.0 of our app. Why so long? Because we have changed the graphics and artwork on EVERY screen in the app (who knew there were so many!). Over the next week, once we get closer to approval, I'll be replacing all the screenshots here with the new versions.

I'm very happy with the look of this version (which I couldn't completely, honestly say about any of the previous versions). In my (admittedly biased) view, this will now be the nicest looking Contacts app on the app store!

Now that 4.0 has been submitted, I can now begin work on version 4.1, which has a long list of new features for you to look forward to.

Later, over the next few months, I plan on designing an iPad version of this app. Many have requested one, but I've been hesitant up till now, since such a version would require a way to sync with the main iPhone version so that changes made on either version would reflect in the other. Thanks to the iCloud features announced in iOS5, this will make the iPad version that much more usable, so it's all of a sudden become much more of a priority than it was in the past. Other iOS5 features like iMessage and Twitter integration also allow us to do more with the app, so look forward to lots of great features over the next few months.

If you have any feature requests, please continue to send them to me via email or comments.

UPDATE: That was fast - kudos to Apple for approving it in only 2 days!

UPDATE 2: I've now updated the screenshots on our site to reflect the new version. Enjoy!

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