Gym Tracker

Gym Tracker is the second app we have created for iPhones and iPod Touches. It lets you track your workout sessions. Create a routine for yourself by choosing from our list of 100 exercises. Or create your own custom exercise. Not only can you keep track of your sets, weights and repetitions, Gym Tracker also lets you manage exercises based on time and distances.

Features include:

- Listen to your own music while you workout
- Easy to use interface - start entering results within seconds
- 100 exercises to choose from in 7 categories
- 4 types of exercises including cardio
- Automatically tracks date and time of workouts
- Supports metric or imperial units
- Create custom routines for your workouts
- Use built in timer to time yourself
- Highly configurable - change default settings for individual exercises
- Set goals for individual exercises
- Enter results without using keypad
- View graphs of latest results
- Email data to yourself
- Rest timers between sets.

If you have a comment regarding a feature that you think could be improved, or suggestions for new features, please post them below.

must have these features!

must have these:
decimal point in distance (4.2 miles)
feet in units (climbers etc)
ability to set the date and enter info ( if i forget to enter a workout andbwamt to go back to enter it)


Does this have a place to record my treadmill workouts
Mileage, time , ect.


Hi Frank,

Yes you can find it in the cardio category. You should be able to input your mileage and time.

Chart to short

In my opinion the charts are to short. Only the 7 last sets is not enough. It would be fine if the user can change the number of sets displayed in the chart.

Chart too short

Thanks - we will consider adding more charting options in a future update. Please keep the suggestions coming.

Previous Workout

Kevin's suggestion is mine as well. I look to see what weight and reps I had done the previous workout, so I can try to better myself for the current workout. Very Important!

Previous results

Currently an exercise should remember the data from your last set. From there you can adjust higher or lower for your current set. Is this good enough or would you like to see a rolling list? If it's the latter, I'd have to see how we can implement that within the current interface.

Suggestions for GymTracker

I think this app has some good potential. I like that it's easy to use, especially the ability to enter results without the keypad. But it's missing some features.

1. Add the ability to re-order the routines.

2. Add the ability to re-order the exercises in each routine.

3. When logging the data for a given exercise, I'd like to be able to see all my sets on a single form. And have the data from the last time I did that exercise automatically entered. Kinda like what Gyminee for iPhone does. For example, the form could look something like this:

|             Tues, Jan 15              |
|                                       |
|             BENCH PRESS               |
|                                       |
| Set        Reps             Weight    |
|  1      (-) [7] (+)     (-) [185] (+) |
|  2      (-) [7] (+)     (-) [185] (+) |
|  3      (-) [8] (+)     (-) [195] (+) |
|  4      (-) [8] (+)     (-) [205] (+) |
|                                       |
|  (add a set)   (del a set)   (done)   |
|                                       |

That way I know what sets are coming up before I start the exercise and am reminded of what I did the last time I did the exercise.

4. I'm still getting some crashes now and then.

5. It would be nice to create a weekly workout schedule, but not really needed as long as I can re-order my routines.



Reordering Routines

Hi Kevin,

Reordering of routines and allowing of multiple exercises in the same routines should be part of the next update.

You'll also be able to email yourself data from multiple exercises rather than just one.

I'll take a look at your other suggestions in detail. Please let me know if there are any crashes that can be reproduced - i.e. any time I do this and this it crashes.

Please continue giving me feedback as you think of it.


Allow users the ability to delete an exercise that was previously recorded. Experimenting initially with the app I created a fake workout and now can't get rid of it.


This feature would be nice!

Re: Suggestion

Great feedback - we'll add that to a future update.

This feature has since been

This feature has since been added to the latest update (version 1.3). When viewing a list of exercise results, if you swipe your finger from left to right, a delete button will appear, allowing you to delete that entry.

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