Goal Manager

Goal Manager lets you create and manage goals around your life that can be tracked with numbers and dates. Examples of these include:

- Go from weighing 210 pounds to 175 pounds in 6 months.
- Save $5000 in the next year.
- Learn 1500 words of a new language in 10 months.

Any goal you can think of that has a number attached to it can be managed in this app by helping you do the following:

1. Create a goal with a target number and target date. (Application will then calculates short term targets to reach.)
2. Create actions that you have to do regularly to help you reach your goal.
3. Create affirmations (with pictures) that can be shown to you daily to keep you motivated.
4. Keep track of your results and make sure you stay on target.
5. Brainstorm ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Please send in your comments and feedback below.

App crashes instantly

I like the way the app motivates me but however everytime I try to create a new goal the application crashes on my Iphone 4 (IOS7). Due to this I wont b able to use this app. Please fix it

Please please please fix it

Please please please fix it :( its such a good idea but at the moment it's putting progress in the wrong order, it goes 1 week 10 weeks 11 weeks etc. please release fix soon

Problem with crashes

Hi Adam,

I have tested many similar applications and the way this application manages goals is very realistic and motivational. However, I have dealt with many crashes on firmware 4.1 and 4.2.1.
I have even restored and setup my iphone as new with this one to be the only application installed in order to make sure but crashes insist. A way to reproduce a crash is to create a new goal and within affirmation menu let display turn off automatically after a couple of minutes. Then you may turn it on again and try to get an affirmation picture from camera. It crashes...
Please update this software to comply with 4.x firmware (multitasking etc) so that it stops crashing issues. I own an iPhone 4.


Re: Problem with crashes

Thanks Loukas. We are just finishing up some work with another app, then plan to issue an update to Goal Manager with new features and bug fixes. Please continue letting me know if any issues that pop up, or additional features you would like to see.

Sound and pop up notifications

I really like the app is there going to be any update soon? It would be cool to include sound and pop up notification for actions you are planning on that day at certain time? Would it be possible?

Thank you for your

Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, I plan to release a Goal Manager update later this year with new graphics and features, so please continue sending whatever feedback you have here, as it will help me decide what new features to put in.

Some Suggestions

Great App!

1) It would be fantastic to have the App on my PC so I can set up my goals as well as back up my data and then sync with my iPhone. I would pay for the PC version.

I am sure if you had a PC version which you sold and had the app free on the iPhone - your sales would go through the roof.

2) It is more that a goal manager I really feel a more appropriate name might be Life Goals and have a classy picture or drawing instead of the arrows and target.

3) You should look at your competition and take the best from them and include in your app.

4) Categories would be great, Business, Personal, Relationships, Finance etc.

5) I think you have the edge because I can upload my own photo's - thats what sold me.

Keep up the good work!

Kind regards


Re: Some Suggestions

Thanks Paul,

Yes, there is a lot more that I would like to do with this app. I've thought about aspects like having the PC version and such.

I'm currently tied up with a couple of other projects, but once they are completed, I would like to come back to this one and continue with it further, so please continue sending me ideas like these.

Back-up and Import

Hi.. Just wondering if we are able to make regular backups and import the backup files.. I recently misplaced my iPh 3g and lost all data.. Now having a backup option is a high priority for me.. specially in tracking goals..

Re: Back-up and Import

Hi Maz,

For now the data from this app is backed up using the standard iPhone backup using iTunes. I'm considering a future version where goals can be added, edited and backed up separately from a website. Please continue sending me feature suggestions like this.

Hi: When I input more than 7


When I input more than 7 goals, the app doesn't let me scroll down and select the eighth goal and beyond. I can't edit or update any of my goals beyond the seventh. Is there any fix?


More than 7 goals

Thanks Andres - I believe this has been fixed in our latest version (1.2).

Goal manager

It doesn't tell u how to delete goals

Deleting Goals

Hi Robert,

Click on the Set Goals screen, where it should display the current goals that have been inputted. Slide your finger from left to right across the name of the goal you want to delete. A delete option will then appear on the right.

Target adjustments

Not quite sure how to explain this one! Ok here goes.

Scenario: I set a target of paying Debt A off by xxxx date and goal manager estimates I need to pay $xxxx per fortnight by showing me the reducing target total each fortnight. Ideally I would like the following features:

- to be able to see how much goal manager suggests I need to pay each fortnight as well and the target

- to be able to enter an adjustment amount if for example I won some money and was able to pay extra that week or if I couldn't pay for that fortnight or worse, went into overdraft and had to enter a negative amount... and have all the target totals update accordingly.

Another scenario would be if my target weight was xxxxkgs and I lost more weight or put on weight on a particular week. The target amounts would need to adjust accordingly...

I have not explained this very well but hopefully you will sort of understand! Goal Tracker does this in a way.

Great suggestions

Thanks Lisa - I'm planning a major update of this program in the future, so I'm currently collecting a list of features. I like your suggestions so far - let me know if you think of anything else while using it.

UPDATE: Ok, I believe we have added this feature in our latest version (1.2). Let me know if this isn't what you had in mind.

Start date

It would be good to be able to change the start date or customize. I set my goals up for a 12 week challenge and the start date was delayed. I have no idea how to reset the start date so I don't have to spend ages entering my goals and actions all over again. I can't even find where to reset and start from scratch even if I could be bothered re-entering the data. Frustrating as brought it especially for this challenge.

Start Date

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for your suggestion. I will add that to the next update. Keep your comments and feedback coming.

UPDATE: This feature has now been added to version 1.2.

Hi Adam, I'm having an

Hi Adam,

I'm having an issue with entering results. I've already posted 2 goals and when I go to enter results they say that no goals were found with actions to do or targets to reach. Do I have to wait until the next goal date to record my results for whenever my time is set? It's all really confusing.

Can you please clarify on how we can enter our results or do we enter them under the "set goals" tab? Can you guys post up a really comprehensive Help section too?

And I think the whole action completed and target completion rate being set at 100% is a bit confusing as well.

Please clarify all this for me, thanks in advance!

Entering Results

Thank you for your comment.

The idea is that when you first enter a goal, you are up to date as far as results go, since the goal represents your current snapshot in time. This is why there are no new results to enter, right after you create a goal. You will need to wait till the first update period you have set arrives, before you can enter new results (the default update period is two weeks, but you can set it to as often as daily if required).

Regarding three bars in the Progress screen:

Action completion rate: The idea here is that when you defined your goal, you also defined what actions you think need to be completed to reach the goal. So the rate here tells you whether you are on target to reach the actions you defined. 100% means you are on track. Greater than 100% means you will exceed the actions you defined.

Consider the following scenario: You want to lose 25 pounds in 100 days. You decide that to do so, you need to run 100 miles. After 10 days if you have run 10 miles, then your action rate will show 100%, since if you keep up this pace, you would reach 100 miles in 100 days. If you have run more than 10 miles, your rate will be greater than 100% and if you have run less than 10 miles than your rate will be less than 100%, meaning you will need to pick up your pace.

Target completion rate: Similarly, the target completion rate is based on the targets you set for yourself and whether the current values you enter during your update periods match the pace you set during the goal creation or not.

Goal completion: This bar tells you what percentage of the goal you have completed so far.

Hope that answers your questions - if not, please let me know what else I can help with. If you have ideas for improvement, please let me know!

goal manager

Nice program. i noticed someone else mentioned about dates. I think a start date for a particular goal would be an advantage as well. For instance if you set a goal on the 19th of Feb everything seems to be geared to that date, but what if you wanted to start your goal on the 1st of Mar or set it for every 15 days? Also would be helpful to be able to delete a target date if you want or manage target dates other than just by day or weeks etc. Maybe your goal only allows for mon, tues and thurs to achieve.


Start Date

Custom Start Date is one of the features in the latest update (1.2).

Goal Manager app

I love the app! I just got it for my Iphone.
I would like to see a reward field added to it
ie: buy new BMW as the reward for hitting business goal....the business goal buy its self is not what we want, we want what it can do for us.
I have not had the chance to use the program much yet because I just got it and added all my goals, so I don't know how the reminders work etc. I look forward to finding out.
Thank you.
Also I love the affirmations with pictures!


I like this idea, thanks! I'll study how it can be incorporated into a future upgrade.

Bespoke target dates

Great app in many ways but it really needs a bit more functionality on the targets section.

It would be great to be able to have your own target dates rather than the default dates (1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks etc. )

This really limits which goals you can use the app for as many goals don't fit so nicely into 1 day, 1 week, 2 week divisions.


The latest version (1.1) now

The latest version (1.1) now adds an update period to let users enter their own target dates.

i canĀ“t use it

it left the aplication as soon as you enter the action to take, i hope you solve it soon.

There was a problem with

There was a problem with this app doing that in iPhones that weren't set to English. Please update to the latest version (1.1) for the fix to this problem plus other upgrades. Let me know if you're still having problems.

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