I'm happy to announce the release of our latest application titled Affirmations (EDIT: We have since renamed it "Motivational Slideshow" to better reflect what it does).

Affirmations are a great way to keep yourself motivated to reach whatever goals you have set for yourself in life. Use this application to create affirmation slideshows that you can view as often as you would like.

Features include:
- Add pictures from camera or album to each affirmation.
- Multiple pictures can be added to a single affirmation.
- Control speed of slideshow

This app in essence features the affirmations feature contained within our Goal Manager app, which includes the same feature plus more comprehensive help with your goal planning.

Please leave any comments or suggestions about the Affirmations app below.

The app just shuts down for

The app just shuts down for me as soon as I add a picture. It doesn't save the picture or affirmation either, so seems to be completely useless

Re: app shutting down

Thanks for the comment. You're right - may be some conflict with the latest OS. We'll get a fix submitted ASAP.


Thanks guys. I would like to release updates for both Goal Manager and the Affirmations app later this year, so keep the suggestions coming!

Application enhancement

This is a great app. It really keeps me focused. I wish I had the ability however
to manipulate the order. I like to group my affirmations together based on specific categories. I'm always wanting to add new ones, but I need them placed with other similar affirmations. I end up re- adding them all.

Any future enhancements planned for this app? If so, I'd like to suggest that one can sort or manipulate the sequence. I also tried Goal Mgr. Another great app, but I have the same complaint with that as well.

Thanks for hearing me out.



I love the affirmation app and it saved me from using a stack of 3x5 cards. What I would like to see is a battery saver over-ride so I don't have to keep tapping the screen from keeping my iPhone from shuting off. Thank you.

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