8 Ways We Can Help You Build Your Relationships

Our STL Contacts Manager app was designed to help you build relationships with potential clients. Here are 8 tools to help you do that:

1. Extensive note taking abilities: You can add notes to every call, text message, email or meeting with a contact through the app. Use these to summarize what was discussed, so you can build on these at future opportunities. Notes are searchable, so you can look up contacts by details left in your notes.

2. Picture / Recordings: If you don't have time to type notes, add pictures or audio recording to summarize your communications.

3. Network: As your address book becomes larger, it becomes more difficult to remember who your contacts are, and how you know them. Use the networks function to link contacts with each other.

4. History: A history of all communications you have ever had with each contact is saved in their profile. This allows you to recall previous communications with them, to help you move your relationship forward.

5. Groups: The harder it is to find a contact, the harder it is to communicate with them. Organize your contacts into groups, to keep them accessible.

6. Filters: Use filters to automatically group similar contacts together. Combine filters for even more powerful results. Eg. View all your lawyer contacts in New York. Know the important dates in your contacts' lives by creating Date filters.

7. Links to Social Media: View the latest Facebook updates of just your phone contacts. Comment on these to keep your relationship close.

8. Location Features: Use the "Get Current Location" to save addresses of all your contact locations. The next time you're on your way to meet them, pull up a map of their location and use the Route button to help you get there on time.

STl COntacts

Are you going to upgrade this to iOs5?

Re: STL Contacts

Hi Andy,

As far as I know the app works fine on iOS5. Are you having any specific problems?

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