2.2.1 Submitted

UPDATE: This version has been approved and is now available for download.

This version fixes the crashing issue that occurs when contacts are synced with Google / Exchange and you try to create / manage a group.

In addition, we have reinstated the free tutorial version of the app. In the previous version, we tried to have an iAd-supported free version, however since iAds are currently only shown in the US, we had to restrict this version to US only. Since then we have decided to replace the ads with the tutorial version again, allowing us to offer the free version worldwide. We may go back to an ad-supported version in the future, as iAds are released to more countries.

Now that the Google Exchange bug is fixed, we are not aware of any other outstanding bugs, and so can go back to our schedule of releasing new features. If you notice any bugs or crashing issues, please let me know.

Otherwise, here are some of the features we are working on for upcoming versions.

a. Faster addition of new contacts
b. More search options
c. Better management of group email and group SMS
d. A new tab of "Recent" contacts

If you have any other feature requests, please leave a comment or email us directly.

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