2.1 Submitted

Version 2.1 was just submitted to Apple today. Hopefully you'll be seeing it in the next week. It features the following improvements:

- iOS4 multitasking. This works really well, and allows you to turn on your preload quick access and image settings since the app should never have to "boot up" after the first time.
- In-app SMS and Group SMS (iOS4)
- New app icon
- Updated tweaks to graphics
- Fixed two major crashes when editing an address or when trying to email a group.

This version should be our most stable release. If it's crashing regularly for you at any point, please let me know.

Now comes the fun part of deciding what to put in our next release!

Network types

On version 2.0, how can I define a different type in the network definitions. On the old version, I had parent and co-worker, but I can't figure the new one out.

Re: Network types

Hi Andy,

It should be the same procedure:

1. Click on Network in a contact's profile page.
2. Choose the other contacts who are related to this contact, then click on Define.
3. On the top half you will see a list of predefined relations. You can scroll down this list to see other options. Coworker should be one of the predefined options.
4. If you can't find the predefined option you want, you can create a new one by scrolling to the bottom of this list (still on the top half of the screen). You will see an option called "Add New Relation". Select this.
4. Fill out the relation and opposite relation. So if you want to create a new relation called Parent, enter that in the relation name field.
5. The opposite relation represents what the current contact's relation is with this contact. So you could write "Child" or if you want to be more specific you could create separate relations for "Parent (Son)" and "Parent (Daughter)".
6. Click on Save to save this new relation. It should now be available to use with all contacts.

Let me know if any of these steps don't work for you, or if I can answer any other questions.


DUH.... I forgot to scroll it, my mistake...thank you!!


In the new version I can't seem to get Groups to populate after I sync. I also seem to be geeting more and more Group tabs with the same name that I'm unable to delete.

Can you help?

Re: Groups

Hi Stew.

Can you try deleting the app from your iPhone and reinstalling it? Your contacts and groups should still stay there, since they are saved in your addressbook, but you will lose your contact history, network and filters. Let me know if that helps.

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