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Sync Your iPhone Contacts with Google Gmail

Did you know you can automatically backup your iPhone contacts using Google's Gmail service? Follow the instructions here:

Once setup, a new contacts link will be added to your Gmail left sidebar, where you can view all your contacts and make changes. Any changes you made will be immediately updated to your iPhone. Similarly, any changes made to contacts on your iPhone will be immediately reflected in your Gmail list. Very cool!

STL Feature Requests

I would like to do a better job of letting you know what we are working on for future updates. So far I've been doing the bulk of communication with users through email, but I'll try to spread more of the conversation here from hereon.

We just submitted version 3.01 yesterday that fixes bugs mentioned in the previous post. Here are some new features we are working on for future versions. I'll post update as we have them incorporated. If you have additional feature requests, please send me an email or post a comment.

STL Bug Tracker

Update: Version 3.01 has been submitted to Apple, which fixes some of the issues below.

Here is the current set of bugs that we are aware of and are working on fixing. Most of them only affect some users. We are working with them to find out what the issue is. If you find any new ones that are not on the list, or you are experiencing one or more of these issues and would like to help us test them, please let me know.

There are 2 main reasons for bugs:

STL Contacts Version 3 Approved

I'm happy to announce that version 3 of the app should now be available for sale and as a free update to existing users. Here is the list of new features:

- Improved Group SMS and Group Email functionality
- T9 dialer now searches businesses
- Company names are now listed with contact on main screen.
- Redesigned Settings page
- Updated dialer graphics
- Address link added to quick Add Contact page.
- Search bar added to all Add Contacts screens.

In addition, we have added 4 new add-on purchases:

2.4 approved

Version 2.4 was released as a free update yesterday. It includes the following changes:

- Dialpad now performs T9 searches in addition to number searches: Previously, it would only perform a search on the actual numbers you typed. Now it also does a T9 search. Eg. typing 2326 would search for those digits in a phone number, as well as the name "Adam" or any other lesson combination from those numbers.

Version 2.3 Approved now

I'm happy to announce update 2.3 of our STL Contacts Manager app is now available for everyone on the app store. This is one of our biggest updates and includes the following new features:

- More search options (individual fields, exact / partial match)
- Saved search tabs
- Auto "Get current address location" option
- Improved Add Contact page - all the fields stay on the same page
- Better group email / sms management - select which emails / phone
numbers to use
- New Recent tab to show you the last few calls / emails / SMS sent from the app

Contact Us form

There seems to have been a problem with our Contact Us form and mails sent to us in recent while may not have been received. I have since fixed this issue, so if you have sent me an email recently and haven't received a reply, please resend it using the Contact-Us form on this site. Sorry for the trouble.

2.2.1 Submitted

UPDATE: This version has been approved and is now available for download.

This version fixes the crashing issue that occurs when contacts are synced with Google / Exchange and you try to create / manage a group.

2.2 Approved

Version 2.2 has now been released. The main feature is some updated graphics (shading effects and updated quick access icons). The other "feature" is the ability to turn on iAds (it's turned off by default on the full version).

HOWEVER, there is currently a bug where the Settings button seemingly doesn't work when iAds is on. The reason is that the bottom row is reserved for ads and so doesn't respond to touch. If you tap the very top part of the settings button it should still work.

We will obviously fix this in the next version.

2 Reasons for Crashes

We've been getting a lot of emails about the app crashing. Invariably it comes down to one of two things fixing the crashes:

1. Deleting the app and reinstalling again.
2. In iOS4.0 there is some problem when you sync your contacts with Google. Apparently if you turn off the Google sync (done via iTunes), the app mysteriously starts working again.

Other contacts apps also seem to be having the same issue.

If you've done these two steps and are still having problems, then please send me an email.

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