2.1 Approved

Version 2.1 has been approved and should now be available as a free update. However we STRONGLY recommend you delete the old version and install the latest version as a fresh download. You may be asked to repurchase the app when you do so, but you won't be charged again, as long as you are using the same iTunes account as your original purchase.

Your groups and contact information are saved, but you will need to redo any filters and setting changes you've made. Unfortunately your call history will be deleted, however this will be worth it in the long term!

2.1 Submitted

Version 2.1 was just submitted to Apple today. Hopefully you'll be seeing it in the next week. It features the following improvements:

- iOS4 multitasking. This works really well, and allows you to turn on your preload quick access and image settings since the app should never have to "boot up" after the first time.
- In-app SMS and Group SMS (iOS4)
- New app icon
- Updated tweaks to graphics
- Fixed two major crashes when editing an address or when trying to email a group.

2.0 Approved

Good news! Version 2.0 of STL Contacts has been approved by Apple and should be showing up as a free update in the next 24 hours. I will be updating the screenshots on the site shortly.

2.1 will be submitted for approval in the next day. It will feature:

- iOS4.0 multitasking! This will allow you to preload all your graphics, which makes startup time instant and considerably improves overall performance.
- Further stability improvements
- New app icon and further graphic tweaks

Features we are working on for 2.2 include:

- In app SMS (iOS 4.0 only)
- Group SMS (iOS 4.0 only)

STL Update

Ok from now on, I will update the status of our contacts program here, since we have big plans for this one.

July 3: Version 2.0 was submitted just over a week ago and is currently under review by Apple. It features the following updates:

- New graphic set
- Now works on iOS 4.0
- Fixed several stability issues
- Auto saves dialed contacts
- Added sound recordings and additional photos to a contact (requires additional in-app purchase)
- Added ability to share contacts via email using VCards

STL Contacts Manager

I am happy to announce that our latest app is now available for sale. It lets you manage your contacts. You can see details about it on the front page.

This has been by far our biggest project to date. It has involved redesigning the contact managing software from the ground up. However I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

We plan to actively update this app with your feedback, so please send in your comments below.


I'm happy to announce the release of our latest application titled Affirmations (EDIT: We have since renamed it "Motivational Slideshow" to better reflect what it does).

Affirmations are a great way to keep yourself motivated to reach whatever goals you have set for yourself in life. Use this application to create affirmation slideshows that you can view as often as you would like.

Features include:

Goal Manager

Goal Manager lets you create and manage goals around your life that can be tracked with numbers and dates. Examples of these include:

- Go from weighing 210 pounds to 175 pounds in 6 months.
- Save $5000 in the next year.
- Learn 1500 words of a new language in 10 months.

Any goal you can think of that has a number attached to it can be managed in this app by helping you do the following:

Gym Tracker

Gym Tracker is the second app we have created for iPhones and iPod Touches. It lets you track your workout sessions. Create a routine for yourself by choosing from our list of 100 exercises. Or create your own custom exercise. Not only can you keep track of your sets, weights and repetitions, Gym Tracker also lets you manage exercises based on time and distances.

Features include:

- Listen to your own music while you workout


After some initial hiccups, we are happy to relaunch with an easier to use format that will let us showcase the different apps that we have available. We would also like to use this as a forum to solicit feedback on our existing apps, and get us ideas for new apps. Each app will have its own area to leave comments. Enjoy!

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